Grolla is a Fully Licensed Restaurant

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~ Antipasti / Starter ~

Piedmonte garlic & herb bread (2pcs) $5

Crab & Avocado Mousse,Crostini (4pcs) $10

Flying fishes,pickled grape salsa

Signature Smoked Aylesbury Duck Breast Carpaccio (gf) $12

Herb ricotta, Fig vinaigrette (6 slices)

Fried Salt & Pepper Squid,lemon,aioli $14

Salumi plate $15

Prosciutto,Salami,shaved Truffle Pecorino, rocket,sherry vinaigrette

3 assorted cheeses with accompaniments $15

Truffle Pecorino,Italy

Tasmanian Triple Brie,Australia

Gorgonzola Dolce,Italy

~ Pasta ~

Verdura Linquini Piemonte Pesto (v) $22

Zucchini,tomato,kalamata olives,Parmesan,rocket

*Funghi Misti Tagliatelle,Gorgonzola cream (v) $22

Porcini,Champignon,Shiitake,Gorgonzola,topped with Truffle Pecorino,rocket

*Guanciale Spaghetti(Smoked Pork cheeks)$22

Saffron infused Grana Padano cream,rocket,herb oil

*Beef,smoked bone marrow Ragu alla Bolognese Tagliatelle $23

Taleggio cheese,Gremolata (parsley, garlic,lemon zest),Parmesan

(Plate for two $43)

~Special Pasta ~

Frutti di Mare Linguine alla Napoletana $25


(Plate for two $47)

~ Secondi / Main ~

Smoked glazed 4 chicken wings, apple slaws $22

Basil oil, House pickles       

Roasted Ocean Trout Fillet (200g) (ask for gf) $29

Pumpkin cream,fennel pickle, seasonal leaves, spinach dust

Grilled Angus Beef Scotch Fillet 300g(GF) $32

Grolla verde,mustard,pickles,mixed leaves salad with lemon vinaigrette     

Sticky glazed Smoked Pork (Quarter/half rack)  $25/$35

Grolla verde,pickles,house apple slaws

~ Contorni / Side ~   

House garden salad  (v,gf)    $8

Fries with Aioli    $9

~ Dolci / Dessert ~

Limoncello Watermelon Mint Granita $9

Dark Chocolate ice cream $12

Honey rice puff,pistachio,salted caramel

Macadamia Honey Caramel ice cream, Frutta Sotto Spirito $13.5

With house mixed dried fruit infused spirit, pistachio

Tiramisu Semifreddo $15

Mascarpone cream, Espresso drizzle, pistachio,fresh berries

3 assorted cheeses with accompaniments $15

Truffle Pecorino,Italy

Tasmanian Triple Brie,Australia

Gorgonzola Dolce,Italy  


~ Crispy Pizza ~

(non-wood fired oven)

Pesto Margherita (V)  $18

Pine nut basil pesto,tomato

*Pulled Pork $19

Pulled pork,red onion,House BBQ sauce,topped with Chimichurri

*Tuscan Salami & Gorgonzola $19

Salami,Italian Herbs,Gorgonzola

*Quattro Formaggi (4 Italian cheeses) (V) $20

Taleggio,Parmesan,Gorgonzola,Italian herbs

*Prosciutto,salami,Taleggio cheese $23

Olive, Rocket, Italian herbs

~ New Crispy Pizza ~

Frutti di mare $25

Prawns,mussels,fish,calamari,olive,Italian herbs,mozzarella


Dinner Menu

Wine Menu

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Grolla’s Italian Wine selection

Italian Prosecco  $39(bottle)

~ Bianco / White ~

2015 Corte Giara Pinot Grigio, Veneto |Pinot Grigio $9 / $39

Light and floral,apples notes.Dry and medium-bodied.

2015 La Guardiense Fiano Sannio,Tuscany  |Fiano $9 / $39

Fruity and floral. Great with seafood dishes,strongly-flavoured cheeses and white meat.

2013 Corte Giara Soave DOC, Veneto |Soave $9 / $39

Veronese style. Wild flowers and white peaches. Supple body,dry and smoothly rounded on the palate.

~ Rosato / Rosé ~

2016 Antinori Santa Cristina Rosato,Tuscany |Sangiovese/Syrah $9 / $39

White roses and green apples. Soft, balanced and fragrant.

~ Rosso / Red ~

2014 Prunotto Barbera d’Alba,Piedmont   |Barbera $9 / $39

Floral and spicy from the aging oak, full and balanced.

2014 Primitivo Tarantino ,Puglia |Primitivo $9 / $39
Accademia Dei Racemi I Monilini
Purply red in colour. Spicy with notes of eucalyptus. Harmonic, well structured, persistent and fresh..

2015 Prunotto Dolcetto d’Alba,Piedmont  |Dolcetto $10/ $44

Fruit and flowers, classic Piedmontese wine. Great with entire

meal from Antipasto to cheese

2012 Cantina Viticoltori Senesi Aretini |Sangiovese  $10 / $44

Chianti Classico Riserva, Tuscany, Italy

Ripe plum and cranberry. Nice and thick, balanced and persistent.

Excellent match for Gorgonzola.

2016 Collezione Nero D’Avola IGT |Nero D’Avola         $12 / $49

One of Italy’s most important indigenous varieties, superbly fruit driven flavors making it wonderfully complex

 ~ Spumante / Sparkling ~

2016 Alasia Moscato d’Asti DOCG, Piedmont  |Moscato     $44

Flowers and fresh grapes. Sweet grapes and citrus and finishing

with refreshing acidity.

~Beer & Cider~

Lager     $8

Lord Nelson 3 Sheets,Pale ale $9

Italian Lager         $10

Apple Cider $8

~Sweet Wines~

Dessert wine $8

Umeshu Plum wine $7.5  

Umeshu Plum wine +Soda   $9.5

~Spirits~ ~Spirits Mix~

Vodka $7.5   Vodka Soda $9.5

Gin $7.5 Gin Tonic $9.5

Whisky $7.5   Whisky & Coke $9.5

Rum $7.5 Rum & Coke $9.5

Campari $7.5

Amaretto Di Saronno $8

*Limoncello $8

*Grappa Poli Morbida Moscato $11


Gin Tonic Italian Style $13

Negroni $15

Martini $12


San Pellegrino/Sparkling 500ml $4.5    Tea Organic $4.5

Coke $4 Coffee $3.5

Coke Zero $4 Apple Juice Organic $5

Lemon Lime Bitter $4


Dinner Menu

Wine Menu

Pick-up Menu


Pick-up Menu

** Order from $25, get a coke/coke zero ***FREE***

~ Antipasti ~

Piedmonte garlic & herb bread (2pcs) $5

Smoked Tender Lamb loin Skewer (2 skewers) $11

Cherry Tomato,Red onion,Sherry Onion,Romesco,herb oil

Fried Salt & Pepper Squid, aioli $14

Prosciutto,Salami,Truffle Pecorino $15

Rocket,Sherry Vinaigrette

3 assorted cheeses with accompaniments $15

Truffle Pecorino,Triple Brie,Gorgonzola Dolce  

~ Gourmet Burgers & Hot Dogs ~

Italian Hot Dog $10

Grilled Sausage,apple slaws,pickle,mustard,tomato sauce,parmesan

Pulled Pork Dog $12

Pulled Pork,Grilled sausage,apple slaws, pickle,

mustard, tomato sauce,parmesan    

Flying Pulled pork     $12


Veggie Vegetarian     $12

House slaws,tomato,mustard,mayo,pickles,cheese

Oz Wagyu beef    $12

Lettuce,tomato,mustard,pickles,bbq sauce,cheese

Crunchy crying chicken $14

Lettuce,tomato,bbq sauce,mustard,pickles,cheese

Grilled Halloumi Cheese $15

House slaws,tomato,mustard,mayo,pickles,cheese

Smoked beef short rib   $16

House slaws,tomato,bbq sauce,mustard,pickles,cheese

 ~ Pasta ~

Crab & Smoked Kingfish Tagliatelle Piedmonte Pesto $23

Cherry tomato,Kalamata olive,grated Bottarga (dried red mullet roes),rocket, pine nuts pesto,Grana Padano

Guanciale Spaghetti(Smoked Pork cheeks,Jowls)$22

Saffron infused Grana Padano cream,rocket,herb oil

Funghi Misti Tagliatelle,Gorgonzola cream (V) $22

Mixed mushroom: Porcini,Champignon,Shiitake,Gorgonzola,

topped with Truffle Pecorino,rocket

Beef & Smoked Marrow Ragu alla Bolognese Pappardelle $23

Slow cooked beef Bolognese in Sangiovese,

Smoked Bone Marrow,Taleggio cheese,topped with

Gremolata (parsley, garlic,lemon zest),Grana Padano

~ Smoke & Grill ~   

























Apple Wood Smoked & glazed 7 chicken wings $25

House pickles

Roasted Tasmanian Ocean Trout Fillet (200g) $29

Butternut Pumpkin cream,Seasonal mixed leaves,Herb oil

Signature 7hrs smoked & roasted Beef Short ribs mbs3+ (GF) $35

Grolla verde       

Sticky glazed Smoked Pork (Quarter/half rack)  $25/$35

House Pickle

~ Sides ~

House garden salad (v,gf) $8

Fries topped with aioli $8

Loaded Fries topped with pulled pork,melting mozzarella $15

Loaded Fried topped with beef bolognese, melting mozzarella $15

Loaded Fries topped with crunchy fried chicken,melting

mozzarella, house bbq sauce $17

~ Crispy Pizza ~

(non-wood fired oven)

Pesto Margherita (V) $16

Pine nut basil pesto,tomato,mozzarella

Ortolana Vegetarian (V) $16

Zucchini,capsicum,olives,mushroom,red onion,italian herbs

Tuscan Salami & Gorgonzola $19

Salami,Italian Herbs,Gorgonzola,Mozzarella

Smoked pork jowls and cheeks $20

Zucchini,red onion,house bbq sauce,Mozzarella

Quattro Formaggi (4 Italian cheeses) (V) $21

Taleggio,Parmesan,Gorgonzola,Mozzarella, Italian herbs

Prosciutto,salami,Taleggio cheese $23

Olive, Rocket, Italian herbs

~ Dolce / Dessert ~

Dark Chocolate Mousse, smoked salted caramel $7.5

fresh berries,pistachio


Dinner Menu

Wine Menu

Pick-up Menu